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20 Lire - Vittorio Emanuele III

20 Lire - Vittorio Emanuele III -  obverse 20 Lire - Vittorio Emanuele III - reverse

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KM# 81
Country Italy
Years 1936-1941
Value 20 Lire (20 ITL)
Metal Silver (.800)
Weight 20 g
Diameter 35.5 mm
Shape Round
Orientation Coin alignment ↑↓
Demonetized yes


Bald head of king Vittorio Emanuele III facing left.


Engraver: Giuseppe Romagnoli


Allegorical female figure symbolizing Italy, leading with her right hand a statue of Victory and with left a fasces. The figure is seated on a chariot drawn by four horses with slow pace to the right. To the left the year also in the Fascist Era. In exergue the Shield of Savoy adorned with fasces at both sides divides the value. Under the base of the chariot left the author's name (G • ROMAGNOLI), right the mint mark (R).

NOTE: Years from 1937 to 1941 have been coined for collectors only and had no legal tender

XIV 1936

Engraver: Giuseppe Romagnoli



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Year Mintage VG F VF XF UNC Exchange
1936 R 10,000 XIV very rare
1937 R 50 XV
1938 R 20 XVII
1939 R 20 XVIII
1940 R 20 XIX
1941 R 20 XX

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