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1 Cent - Wilhelmina German Occupation

KM# 170
Source: numista.com
Country Netherlands
Years 1941-1944
Value 1 Cent (0.01 NLG)
Metal Zinc
Weight 2 g
Diameter 17 mm
Thickness 1.5 mm
Shape Round
Orientation Coin alignment ↑↓
Demonetized yes
1 Cent - Wilhelmina (German Occupation) -  obverse1 Cent - Wilhelmina (German Occupation) - reverse

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Lettering: NEDERLAND


Value, waves, date and sprig

1 ct



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Year Mintage VG F VF XF UNC Exchange
1941  31,800,000
1942  241,000,000
1943  71,000,000
1944  29,600,000

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