Coins from Arezzo

Arezzo is a comune in Italy and the capital of the Arezzo province in Tuscany. It was one of the Etruscan Dodecapolis capitals called Aritim, part of the Etruscan League. Aritim was conquered by the Romans in 311 BC and renamed to Arretium. In the 3rd to 4th century, it became an episcopal seat and the bishops operated as the feudal lords of the city in the Dark Ages. The commune of Arezzo threw off the control of its bishop in 1098 and functioned as an independent city-state republic until 1384, apart from a brief period under the Tarlati family, chief among them Guido Tarlati, who became bishop in 1312. Arezzo yielded to Florentine domination in 1384. It was conquered by Napoleon Bonaparte and in 1860, Arezzo became part of the Kingdom of Italy. The mint of Arezzo is opened in the 10th century under the marquesses of Tuscany and opperated with interruptions until 1520.
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Lira (961-1520)

1 Lira = 20 Soldi = 60 Grossi = 240 Denari

1 Quattrino

Silver • 0.6 g • ⌀ 16 mm
CNI XI# 1, MIR# 23
1 Bolognino

Silver • 1.08 g • ⌀ 18 mm
CNI XI# 16, MIR# 19
1 Grosso

Silver • 1.58 g

Numista referee for coins of this issuer is jokinen, loruca.

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