Banknotes from Austria

Austria (Republik Österreich) is a small mountainous country located in Central Europe. It is renowned for its musical culture and south German, Alpine traditions. The First Republic of Austria was established after WWI in 1918 and lasted until annexation by Germany in 1938. Upon victory, the Allies occupied Austria from 1945, with the Second Republic officially established with the Austrian State Treaty in 1955. The Austrian Republic's first currency was the Krone, replaced by the more stable Schilling in 1924. The German occupiers replaced it with the Reichsmark, but the Allies reinstated the Schilling again in 1947. The post-war Schilling was pegged to the Deutschmark and succeeded by the Euro in 1999.
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Second Schilling (1945-2001)

100 Groschen = 1 Schilling

5000 Schilling

Standard banknote : 1983 Series
160 × 80 mm
KK# 260, P# 153

Numista referee for banknotes of this issuer is stratocaster.

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