Coins from the Bastarnae Celto-Scythians

The Bastarnae inhabited the region between the Carpathian Mountains and the river Dnieper, north-east of Dacia, between 200 BC and 300 AD. Their ethno-linguistic affiliation was probably of Celtic, Germanic or Scytho-Sarmatian origin. The Bastarnae first came into conflict with the Romans during the 1st century BC when, in alliance with Dacians and Sarmatians, they unsuccessfully resisted Roman expansion into Moesia and Pannonia. During the first two centuries AD, the Bastarnae maintained friendly relations with the Roman Empire. This changed after AD 180, when the Bastarnae repeatedly invaded Roman territories south of the Danube in alliance with Sarmatian, Dacian and Gothic tribes. In they late 3rd Century AD they were relocated by the Romans and it is likely that they were finally conquered by the Huns under Attila in AD 451. Two series of gold staters imitating Greek coins of Alexander and Lysimachus are attributed to this people. These coins were found in hoards from northern Italy to Colchis and from the Balkans to the Baltic, leading to some debate about where they were actually minted. Originally thought to come from the Dacians of Transylvania, their geographical distribution strongly indicates a connection to the Celto-Scythian Bastarnae. The Bastarnae were close allies of the Pontic king Mithridates VI who minted Lysimachus staters. After Mithridates was defeated by Rome in 66 BC, he fled to Colchis, where the imitation staters were likely first minted.
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½ Stater - Lysimachos (Kolchis imitation)
(125 BC - 1 BC)

Gold • 3.88 g • ⌀ 22 mm
Castelin# 1210ff
Stater - Lysimachos (Kolchis imitation)
(200 BC - 1 BC)

Gold • 5.71 g • ⌀ 18.5 mm
HGCS# 7-218, ArslanCelt# Group II
Stater - Lysimachos (Kolchis imitation)
(100 BC - 100 AD)

Gold • 4.32 g
Castelin# 1210 ff. (cf.), ArslanCelt# II/7
Stater - Lysimachos (Kolchis imitation)
(100 BC - 100 AD)

Gold • 5.43 g
Castelin# 1210 ff. (cf.)
Stater - Lysimachos (Kolchis imitation)
(100 BC - 100 AD)

Gold • 4.76 g
Castelin# 1210 ff. (cf.)
Stater - Alexander III (Kolchis imitation)
(100 BC - 100 AD)

Gold • 4.99 g • ⌀ 14 mm
HGCS# 7 219
2 Stater - Lysimachos (Kolchis imitation)
(100 BC - 100 AD)

Gold • 12.37 g
LT# 9601 (Cf. stater), Arslan# group III

Numista referee for coins of this issuer is stratocaster.

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