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Benevello was a short-lived Piedmontese county in the 16th century. Giovanni Antonio Falletti distinguished himself as a captain in the army of Emperor Charles V. As a reward, he was granted the fiefdoms of Benevello and Mombarchero in 1520. He might have been awarded minting rights as well, or he might have just abused this right to pay his infantry regiment. Falletti and his army abandoned the imperial service around 1550 and switched his allegiance to France. Hence, Benevello and Mombarchero were taken away from him and reassigned to the Spanish captain Alvaro de Sanchez around 1554.
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1 Grosso - Giovan Antonio Falletti

Silver • 1.67 g • ⌀ 23 mm
MIR# 109, CNI II# 4

Numista referee for coins of this issuer is jokinen, loruca.

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