Exonumia from Buenos Aires

The Province of Buenos Aires is located in the center-east of the Argentine Republic. It has an area of ​​307,571 km² and a population of 15,625,084 (last census 2010). Its limits are, to the north, the provinces of Córdoba, Santa Fe and Entre Rios; to the east, the Río de la Plata and the Atlantic Ocean; to the south the Province of Río Negro; and to the west La Pampa, Córdoba and Río Negro. Its capital is the city of La Plata. The province of Buenos Aires considered in 1814 the first initiative to establish a mint in this city, and the following year studied the convenience of minting copper coins. In 1822, it was decided to put into circulation a coin whose minting made it impossible to counterfeit, for which Robert Boulton, manufacturer of Birminghan (England), was hired to mint elegant fifths and tenths of real copper with the National coat of arms on the obverse. In 1840, the shortage of cash was so strong that the government, by decree of February 11, authorized the Casa de Moneda to issue up to 400,000 pesos in copper of 2, 1 and 1/2 real. All these pieces bear the legend ¡VIVA LA FEDERACION! In 1860, the mint was reopened, issuing units of 2 reales dated 1860 and 1861 before it was definitively closed in 1867.
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Copper • 10.50 g • ⌀ 33.3 mm
N# 380064

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