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The Burgundian Kingdom was founded in 411, but in 437, after continually attacking nearby Roman territory, the Romans called Hun mercenaries to destroy the kingdom. With the old king dead, the new king, Gunderic (437-473), and the remaining Burgundians resettled, establishing their new capital at Lugdunum. When Gunderic died in 473, the kingdom was divided amongst his four sons: Gundobad (473–516), Chilperic II (473–493), Gundomar I (473–486), and Godegisel (473–500). Even so, Gundobad wanted to be the sole king. He went on to murder all three of his brothers, as well as murder or expel members of his brothers' families, including expelling Chilperic's daughter, Clotilde, who was married to the king of the Franks. In 523, the Franks began to attack, lead by the sons of Clotilde. The Burgundians were defeated in 534, and their territories were incorporated into the Frankish Kingdom.