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Coins from the County of Cocconato

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The County of Cocconato was fiefdom in Piedmont, ruled by the Radicati Family. The county was a large consortium located between Milan, Savoy and Monferrato, always threatened by its neighbours. The Radicati were granted the county by Emperor Frederick I Barbarossa (1155-1190) on 5 March 1164 and were vassals of the Marquises of Monferrato, who were invested at the same time. Emperor Charles IV (1346-1378) reconfirmed the fiefdoms on 2 February 1355, requiring the Radicati and to lend their loyalty to the Marquess John II Palaeologus (1338-1372). In the 15th century the counts became subjects of Savoy. The consortium was then divided into three parts, called "colonnellati", di Bròzolo, di Robella and Casalborgone. The mint of the County of Cocconato was located in Passerano. The counts received their minting rights from Frederick I, in the 13th century, but only started minting coins in the 16th century. In 1598, they ceded their right to the Duke of Savoy.
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