Coins from the Duchy of Neopatras

"The Duchy of Neopatras was a Catalan-dominated principality in southern Thessaly, established in 1319. Officially part of the Crown of Aragon, the duchy was governed in conjunction with the neighbouring Duchy of Athens by the local Catalan aristocracy. Enfeebled by the Ottoman expansion and hostile piracy, the Catalan possessions are finally taken over by Nerio I Acciaioli of Florence (1385-1390). The Duchy issued Frankish style deniers tournois in billon during the rule of John II Angelus Comnenus (1303-1318)."
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Denier - John II Angelus Comnenus
ND (1303-1318)

Billon • 0.83 g
MAL# 125a, N# 201367

The Numista referee for coins of this issuer is simoneo80.

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