1 Cent "Lincoln Cent" Professional Life

2009 D

Coin type: 1 Cent "Lincoln Cent" (Professional Life) – N# 7579
Year: 2009
Mint: D – United States Mint, Denver, United States (1906-date)
Mintage: 336 000 000
References: NN# 39822,
Numista version number (https://numista.com)
PCGS# 407859,
PCGS CoinFacts (https://www.pcgs.com/coinfacts)
Greysheet# 70685
Greysheet (https://www.greysheet.com/coin-prices)

Prices from Greysheet

Grade CPG® price
MS63 $ 0.16
MS64 $ 0.20
MS65 $ 0.35
MS66 $ 9
MS67 $ 390

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