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Spain is a country in southwestern Europe located in the Iberian Peninsula and bordering Andorra, Portugal, France and Morocco. Spain in Numista starts with the Decree of Medina del Campo in 1497 issued to reform the monetary system of the Crown of Castile. The Crown of Aragon kept its own monetary system until the decrees of Nueva Planta between 1707 and 1716. The system was trimetallic of gold, silver and billon. The coins of gold were ducado and escudo, the coin of silver was real and the coin of billon was maravedi. The fineness and weight were decreasing with the centuries, and the billon was changed by copper in 1600. With these adjustments the system lasted until 19th century. The system was progressively reformed to decimalization between 1808 and 1848, copying the French franc system. There were several intermediate systems based on real de vellon, decimalized real and escudo. The Spanish system adopted the Latin Monetary System model in 1868. The new currency was the peseta with coins made of gold, silver and bronze. After 1925 new coins with fiduciary value were introduced. During the Spanish Civil War 1936-1939 each side had its own peseta. In this period there were necessity coins issued by city councils or made with stamps stuck to cardboards. Spain changed its currency from peseta to euro in 2002. Euro is the current currency of Spain. From 1989 to present many coins of precious metals have been struck for collectors.
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