1 Penny - Allwin Token

1 Penny - Allwin Token - obverse1 Penny - Allwin Token - reverse

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Location United Kingdom
Type Automatic tokens › Game token
Value 1 Penny (1⁄240)
Currency United Kingdom - Automatic Tokens
Composition Brass
Weight 1.76 g
Diameter 17.19 mm
Thickness 1.02 mm
Shape Round
Orientation Medal alignment ↑↑
Number N# 55235


Script: Latin

Lettering: Allwin


1 centred in flan with dotted border.

Script: Latin

Lettering: 1



1 Penny - Allwin Token -  obverse

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The type of wall-mounted skill game where a ball bearing is propelled up around a spiral track towards a number of winning receptacles in the centre is called an 'Allwin'.  These games were hugely popular in Britain and Europe, whereas in America they are virtually unknown!  The Allwin, in all its many forms and variants, remains the most popular amusement machine amongst British collectors.

A basic Allwin slot machine operates like this:  Upon inserting a coin in the slot at the top right hand side of the case, the ball is released from inside the machine, and falls onto the spring-loaded hammer at the bottom right.  Using all his skill and judgement(!) the player operates the trigger to shoot the ball up and around the spiral tracks.  If the ball lands in one of the winning cups, the player turns the knob at the bottom of the case and the machine pays out a pre-determined number of coins.  Some Allwins pay out varying amounts depending upon which hole the ball lands in.  After a win, the ball is sometimes returned to the player for another shot.

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