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British Honduras was a British colony in Central America bordering Mexico and Guatemala. Together with Guyana, it was the only British possession on the American mainland south of Mexico. Founded by English and Scottish loggers in 1632, it became a popular hideout for pirates. Multiple Spanish attempts to conquer the area failed, and in 1862 the colony of British Honduras was officially established. In 1973 the name was changed to Belize. Neighbouring Guatemala has always claimed the area which is the reason that independence was only granted in 1982, with the British still responsible for Belize's defence. Read more

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Dollar (1885-1973)

100 Cents = 1 Dollar

1 Dollar

Standard banknote
P# 20
1 Dollar

Standard banknote
P# 28
5 Dollars

Standard banknote
160 × 65 mm
P# 30

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