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Kiauchau or Tsingtao was a German colony on the East coast of China, founded in 1898 after a treaty between the Qing Dynasty and the German Empire. It remained largely underdeveloped throughout its history, and coins were issued only in 1909. In 1914 the colony was seized by a Japanese force upon the outbreak of the Great War in Europe, and at the Paris Peace Conference in 1919 the settlement was turned over to Japan, who was later forced to return it to China in 1922. The area has remained Chinese ever since, but contains some German influence, such as a famous brewery.
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Kiau Chau dollar (1909)

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5 Cents - Wilhelm II

Copper-nickel (75% Copper; 25% Nickel) • 3 g • ⌀ 18.5 mm
KM# 1, Schön# 1
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10 Cents - Wilhelm II

Copper-nickel (75% Copper; 25% Nickel) • 4 g • ⌀ 21.5 mm
KM# 2, Schön# 2

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