Exonumia from La Rioja

It is located in the northwest of the country, bounded on the north by the Province of Catamarca, on the east by the Province of Córdoba, on the south by the Province of San Luis, on the west by the Province of San Juan and on the northwest by Chile. It has an area of ​​89,680 km² and a population of 333,642 (last census 2010). Its capital is the city of La Rioja. On May 20, 1591, Juan Ramírez de Velasco, with the purpose of establishing a strategic seat to fight the indigenous, founds the "Ciudad de todos los Santos de la Nueva Rioja". In 1824 a provincial Mint was created in La Rioja, which used similar design to the Potosí national coinage. Gold and silver coins were made with the name of the United Provinces so that they could circulate at the national level. The mint of La Rioja later replaced it, and it was definitely lost in 1815. In 1838 the Rosista Federal issue stands out with the legend "Eterno Loor al Restaurador Rosas". In 1840, when the Brianza government lost power in La Rioja, evicted by the Unitarians, the governor who replaced them (Federal) issued these coins, until La Rioja was retaken in 1841 by the federal troops, which reissued the Federal currency. In this issue appears the Legend REPUBLICA ARGENTINA for the first time