Exonumia from Livonia and Estonia

In 1710, the areas of Livonia and Estonia, also known as Livoestonika, was capitulated to the Russians, and officially became a part of Russia in 1721. Even though the places were under Russian control, Russia gave the areas administrative, cultural, and economical autonomy until the 1840s, when Nicholas I began implementing Russian policies. After the First World War, Russia lost Livonia and Estonia, and the area became known as the modern-day countries of Latvia and Estonia.

See also: Estonia, Latvia, Russian Empire, Swedish Livonia

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Event medals

Medal - 25th wedding anniversary given by the mayor of Riga

Commemorative medals › Event medal : 25th wedding anniversary of Alexander Suvorov Arkadiewicz and Princess Luba Wasiliewna Jartzoff
Zinc • 21 g • ⌀ 37 mm

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