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"Beirut was conquered by the crusaders in 1110 and give to Fulk of Guînes. It was one of the longest-lived seigneuries, surviving until the final collapse of the kingdom in 1291, although only as a tiny strip on the Mediterranean coast surrounding Beirut. It was important for trade with Europe, and had its own vassals within the Principality of Galilee. Beirut issued its first copper coins during the reign of Raimond of Tripoli (1184-1186) and billon deniers during the reign of John I Ibelin (1198-1236). Some anonymous copper coins from the mid 13th century are also known. "
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Denier (1110-1291)

Denier à La tour Jean d'Ibelin

Billon • 0.73 g • ⌀ 17 mm

Numista referee for coins of this issuer is Tomas530.

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