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Coins from the Lordship of Lesbos

As a reward for helping Emperor John V Palaiologos (1341-1391) keep the Byzantine throne, Francesco Gattilusi was given lordship of the island of Lesbos and its stronghold, Mytilene from July 1355, as well as the hand in marriage of the emperor's sister, Maria. The Gattilusi possessions grew to include, among others, the islands of Imbros, Samothrace, Lemnos and Thasos, and the mainland city of Aenos (modern Enez in Turkey). After the Fall of Constantinople in 1453, the Gattilusi briefly retained control of their possessions under Ottoman suzerainty, but were forced out within a few years. The Gatilussi minted a few anonymous pieces in Byzantine style, as well as gold florins, silver grossetti and billon deniers following the Genoese monetary system.

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