Exonumia from the Duchy of Lorraine

Lorraine is a region located in eastern France, made up in the Middle Ages of many fiefdoms and small duchies, that had been mostly ruled/influenced by the French monarch from the mid 15th century onwards. In the 17th and 18th centuries it was annexed piece-by-piece by Louis XIV and Louis XV, formally annexing it into France by 1766. It mainly issued coinage in the Livre tournois currency of French Ancien Regime for most of its numismatic history. Following its incorporation into France, it became a department, partially lost to Germany in the 1870 Franco-Prussian War, but regained in 1918 after WWI. Today it remains part of the new administrative department of France named Grand Est.
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See also: Duchy of Upper Lotharingia

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Event medals

Medal - Karl Alexander von Lothringen (Maritime advancements)

Commemorative medals › Event medal
Silver • 13.79 g • ⌀ 33 mm
N# 163094

Counter tokens

Jeton - Charles III de Lorraine "Pallas, Juno & Venus"

Utility items › Counter token
Gilding metal • 4 g • ⌀ 27 mm
Feu# 7490, Corre# 3129, N# 353681

Miscellaneous tokens

Available for swap Token - Henri II de Lorraine (Chambre des aides)

Unclassified exonumia › Miscellaneous token
Bronze • 6.1 g • ⌀ 28 mm
Feu# 7530, N# 80343
Charles III

Unclassified exonumia › Miscellaneous token
⌀ 28 mm
Feu# 7480, N# 295597

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