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The principality of Masserano, together with the marquisate of Crevacuore, was a small independent state, situated in a hilly area, fifteen kilometres from Biella. In 1394, Cardinal Ludovico Fieschi, bishop of Vercelli, first obtain the fiefdom for his brother, Antonio, from Pope Boniface IX. In 1506, Pope Julius II raised Annibale Fieschi to the rank of count. In 1517, Ludovico, who had no children, chose Filiberto Ferrero from Biella as his heir, thus establishing the Ferrero-Fieschi noble branch. On 6 August 1547, Pope Paul III raised the feud to the rank of marquisate and, in 1598, Pope Clement VIII granted the title of prince to Francesco Filiberto Ferrero Fieschi. The principality prospered until 1741 when it was sold to Savoy, although part of the fiefdom lasted until 1797 as vassal of the King of Sardinia. The Fieschi family had the right to mint coins from 1249, as per a diploma of William, King of Germany.
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