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Namibia, officially the Republic of Namibia, is a country in southern Africa, previously known as German West Africa and later as South West Africa. Its western border is the Atlantic Ocean; it shares land borders with Zambia and Angola to the north, Botswana to the east and South Africa to the south and east, and is less than 200 meters from Zimbabwe. Namibia gained independence on 21 March 1990. Its capital and largest city is Windhoek, and it is a member state of the United Nations (UN). Namibia is the driest country in Sub-Saharan Africa, and has always been inhabited since early times by the San, Damara, and Nama peoples. Around the 14th century, immigrating Bantu peoples arrived as part of the Bantu expansion. Since then, the Bantu groups, one of which is known as the Ovambo people, now form the largest group in the country. The country has an area of 825,615 km² (318,772 square miles) and a population of 2,6 million (2017). Their biggest income is from diamonds and meat exports. The first coins, 100 Cents to the Dollar, were issued in 1993, with the smallest being the 5 cents. The South African Rand is also accepted as legal tender throughout the country. Unlike other countries in the region, Namibia also has summer and winter time changes.
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