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The kingdom of Norway is located at the western part of the Scandinavian peninsula and is famous for its fjords, salmon and viking tradition. Norway has a total population of 5,2 million, spread in an area of 385 000 sq km, making it one of the least dense countries in the world. The current king is Harald V and was inaugurated in 1991. The early history of Norway starts with the Viking age, where exploration, colonisation and raiding, saw Norwegian vikings colonise Iceland and part of western England and Ireland and they discovered Newfoundland in Canada. Norway entered a union with Denmark until 1814, when a new union with Sweden was established. Norway gained its independence from Sweden in 1905, after a peaceful dissolution of the union. As of 1875, the currency of Norway is the Krone, with a denomination of 100 Øre = 1 Krone. After 2012, all denominations of Krone were removed from circulation, making the 1 Krone the coin with the lowest face value.
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Penning (995-1387)

¼ Penning

Silver • 0.07 g • ⌀ 14 mm
Skaare# 130

Numista referee for coins of this issuer is Stavros, T0r.

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