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10,000 Francs


Country Central African States
Period Bank of Central African States (1973-date)
Type Standard banknote
Years 1994-2002
Value 10,000 Francs
10000 XAF = 18 USD
Currency CFA franc (Bank of Central African States, 1973-date)
Composition Paper
Size 160 × 80 mm
Shape Rectangular
References P# 5
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Woman at right, modern building at centre.

Banque des États de l'Afrique centrale.
Dix Mille francs

Bank of Central African States.
Ten thousand francs


Fishermen, boats and villagers along shoreline at left centre.


Printer: Banque de France (France) - BF

First two numbers of the serial number give the last two numbers of the year of issue.

Pick separates these issues according to the issuing countries, identified by the country codes appearing on the banknotes:

  • P#106C - Republic of Congo
  • P#206E - Cameroon
  • P#306F - Central African Republic
  • P#406L - Gabon
  • P#506N - Equatorial Guinea
  • P#606P - Chad

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1994  C (Republic of Congo) P#105Ca
1994  E (Cameroon) P#205Ea
1994  F (Central African Republic) P#305Fa
1994  L (Gabon) P#405La
1994  N (Equatorial Guinea) P#505Na
1994  P (Chad) P#605Pas - Specimen
1995  C (Republic of Congo) P#105Cb
1995  E (Cameroon) P#205Eb
1995  F (Central African Republic) P#305Fb
1995  L (Gabon) P#405Lb
1995  N (Equatorial Guinea) P#505Nb
1995  P (Chad) P#605Pb
1997  C (Republic of Congo) P#105Cc
1997  E (Cameroon) P#205Ec
1997  F (Central African Republic) P#305Fc
1997  L (Gabon) P#405Lc
1997  N (Equatorial Guinea) P#505Nc
1997  P (Chad) P#605Pc
1998  C (Republic of Congo) P#105Cd
1998  E (Cameroon) P#205Ed
1998  F (Central African Republic) P#305Fd
1998  L (Gabon) P#405Ld
1998  N (Equatorial Guinea) P#505Nd
1998  P (Chad) P#605Pd
1999  C (Republic of Congo) P#105Ce
1999  E (Cameroon) P#205Ee
1999  F (Central African Republic) P#305Fe
1999  L (Gabon) P#405Le
1999  N (Equatorial Guinea) P#505Ne
1999  P (Chad) P#605Pe
2000  C (Republic of Congo) P#105Cf
2000  E (Cameroon) P#205Ef
2000  F (Central African Republic) P#305Ff
2000  L (Gabon) P#405Lf
2000  N (Equatorial Guinea) P#505Nf
2000  P (Chad) P#605Pf
2002  C (Republic of Congo) P#105Cg
2002  E (Cameroon) P#205Eg
2002  L (Gabon) P#405Lg

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