5 Tögrög

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Issuer Mongolia
Period Republic (1992-date)
Type Standard banknote
Year 1993
Value 5 Tögrög (5 MNT)
Currency Tögrög (1925-date)
Composition Paper
Size 120 × 59 mm
Shape Rectangular
Demonetized Yes
Number N# 203102
Numista (https://numista.com)
References P# 53
Tracy L. Schmidt (editor); 2019. Standard Catalog of World Paper Money. Modern issues 1961-present (25th edition). Krause Publications, Iola, Wisconsin, USA.
And 2 more volumes.


Portrait of Damdiny Sühbaatar (Feb 2, 1893 – Feb 20, 1923) was a founding member of the Mongolian People's Party and leader of the Mongolian partisan army that liberated Khüree during the Outer Mongolian Revolution of 1921, a Paiza (Gerege) – a tablet of authority for the Mongol officials and envoys, which enabled the Mongol nobles and official to demand goods and services from the civilian population, and National Coat of Arms

Scripts: Mongolian (folded), Mongolian / Manchu

5 ᠕
ᠮᠣᠩᠭᠣᠯ ᠪᠠᠩᠬᠢ
ᠲᠠᠪᠤᠨ ᠲᠥᠭᠥᠷᠢᠭ

Translation: Mongolia, Bank of Mongolia, Five Tögrög


Mountain scenery with horses grazing in the valley

Script: Cyrillic




Translation: Mongolia, Bank of Mongolia, Tögrög

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ND (1993)  0.80 Signature: Demchigjabyn Molomjamts

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