500 Francs CFA

500 Francs CFA -  obverse500 Francs CFA -  reverse

© James Castillo


Country Western African States (BCEAO)
Period Central Bank of West African States (1958-date)
Type Standard banknote
Years 2012-2019
Value 500 Francs CFA
500 XOF = 0.86 USD
Currency CFA franc (1958-date)
Composition Paper
Size 114 × 60 mm
Shape Rectangular
References P# _19
  • Tracy L. Schmidt (editor); 2019. Standard Catalog of World Paper Money. Modern issues 1961-present (25th edition). Krause Publications, Iola, Wisconsin, USA. ISBN 9781440248986.
  • Tracy L. Schmidt (editor); 2016. Standard Catalog of World Paper Money. General issues, 1368-1960 (16th edition). Krause Publications, Iola, Wisconsin, USA. ISBN 9781440247071.
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Brown and orange on multicolor underprint. Sawfish shaped brass weight of the Ashanti people for weighing gold dust; Computerization in West Africa: hand touching a touch tablet PC which is connected to West African countries on the outline map of Africa.

500 500

Central Bank of the West African States
Five Hundred Francs CFA.


Pair of hippopotami.

Central Bank of the West African States
The authors or accomplices of falsification or counterfeiting of banknotes will be punished according to the laws and acts in force.
Five Hundred Francs CFA.



500 Francs CFA -  obverse

© Andy289


First two numbers of the serial number give the last two numbers of the year of issue.

Pick separates these issues according to the issuing countries, identified by the country codes appearing on the banknotes:

  • P#119A - Côte d'Ivoire
  • P#219B - Benin
  • P#319C - Burkina Faso
  • P#419D - Mali
  • P#619H - Niger
  • P#719K - Senegal
  • P#819T - Togo
  • P#919S - Guinea-Bissau

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2012  A (Ivory Coast) P#119Aa
2012  B (Benin) P#219Ba
2012  C (Burkina Faso) P#319Ca
2012  D (Mali) P#419Da
2012  H (Niger) P#619Ha
2012  K (Senegal) P#719Ka
2012  S (Guinea-Bissau) P#919Sa
2012  T (Togo) P#819Ta
2013  A (Ivory Coast) P#119Ab
2013  B (Benin) P#219Bb
2013  C (Burkina Faso) P#319Cb
2013  D (Mali) P#419Db
2013  H (Niger) P#619Hb
2013  K (Senegal) P#719Kb
2013  S (Guinea-Bissau) P#919Sb
2013  T (Togo) P#819Tb
2014  A (Ivory Coast) P#119Ac
2014  B (Benin) P#219Bc
2014  C (Burkina Faso) P#319Cc
2014  D (Mali) P#419Dc
2014  H (Niger) P#619Hc
2014  K (Senegal) P#719Kc
2014  S (Guinea-Bissau) P#919Sc
2014  T (Togo) P#819Tc
2015  A (Ivory Coast) P#119Ad
2015  B (Benin) P#219Bd
2015  C (Burkina Faso) P#319Cd
2015  D (Mali) P#419Dd
2015  H (Niger) P#619Hd
2015  K (Senegal) P#719Kd
2015  S (Guinea-Bissau) P#919Sd
2016  A (Ivory Coast) P#119Ae
2016  B (Benin) P#219Be
2016  C (Burkina Faso) P#319Ce
2016  D (Mali) P#419De
2016  H (Niger) P#619He
2016  K (Senegal) P#719Ke
2016  S (Guinea-Bissau) P#919Se
2017  A (Ivory Coast) P#119Af
2017  B (Benin) P#219Bf
2017  C (Burkina Faso) P#319Cf
2017  D (Mali) P#419Df
2017  H (Niger) P#619Hf
2017  K (Senegal) P#719Kf
2017  S (Guinea-Bissau) P#919Sf
2017  T (Togo) P#819Tf
2018  A (Ivory Coast) P#119Ag
2018  B (Benin) P#219Bg
2018  C (Burkina Faso) P#319C(n/a)
2018  D (Mali) P#419D(n/a)
2018  H (Niger) P#619Hg
2018  K (Senegal) P#719Kg
2018  S (Guinea-Bissau) P#919S(n/a)
2018  T (Togo) P#819Tg
2019  A (Ivory Coast) P#119A(n/a)
2019  B (Benin) P#219B (n/a)
2019  C (Burkina Faso) P#319Ca(n/a)
2019  D (Mali) P#419D(n/a)
2019  H (Niger) P#619H(n/a)
2019  K (Senegal) P#719K(n/a)
2019  S (Guinea-Bissau) P#919Sa(n/a)
2019  T (Togo) P#819T(n/a)

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