100 Markkaa Type 1986 Litt. A

100 Markkaa Type 1986 Litt. A -  obverse100 Markkaa Type 1986 Litt. A -  reverse

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Country Finland
Period Republic (1919-date)
Type Standard banknote
Year 1986
Value 100 Markkaa (100 FIM)
Currency New markka (1963-2001)
Composition Paper
Size 69 × 143 mm
Shape Rectangular
Demonetized 07-01-2012
References P# 119
  • Tracy L. Schmidt (editor); 2019. Standard Catalog of World Paper Money. Modern issues 1961-present (25th edition). Krause Publications, Iola, Wisconsin, USA. ISBN 9781440248986.
  • Tracy L. Schmidt (editor); 2016. Standard Catalog of World Paper Money. General issues, 1368-1960 (16th edition). Krause Publications, Iola, Wisconsin, USA. ISBN 9781440247071.
  • George S. Cuhaj (editor); 2013. Standard Catalog of World Paper Money. Specialized Issues (12th edition). Krause Publications, Iola, Wisconsin, USA. ISBN 9781440238833.


100 Markkaa
Suomen Pankk


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1986  (fr) P-119.01 Kullberg/Koivikko
1986  (fr) P-119.02 Kullberg/Heinonen
1986  (fr) P-119.03 Kullberg/Hamalainen
1986  (fr) P-119.04 Kullberg/Vanhala
1986  (fr) P-119.05 Alenius/Koivikko
1986  (fr) P-119.06 Alenius/Heinonen
1986  (fr) P-119.07 Alenius/Hamalainen
1986  (fr) P-119.08 Alenius/Vanhala
1986  (fr) P-119.09 Olkeri/Koivikko
1986  (fr) P-119.10 Olkeri/Heinonen
1986  (fr) P-119.11 Olkeri/Hamalainen
1986  (fr) P-119.12 Olkeri/Vanhala
1986  (fr) P-119.13 Olkeri/Heinonen
1986  (fr) P-119.14 Ollila/Koivikko
1986  (fr) P-119.15 Ollila/Heinonen
1986  (fr) P-119.16 Ollila/Hamalainen
1986  (fr) P-119.17 Ollila/Vanhala
1986  (fr) P-119.18 Ollila/Heinonen
1986  (fr) P-119.19 Puntila/Koivikko
1986  (fr) P-119.20 Puntila/Heinonen
1986  (fr) P-119a.21 Puntila/Hamalainen
1986  (fr) P-119a.22 Puntila/Vanhala
1986  (fr) P-119a.23 Sorsa/Koivikko
1986  (fr) P-119a.24 Sorsa/Heinonen
1986  (fr) P-119a.25 Sorsa/Hamalainen
1986  (fr) P-119a.26 Sorsa/Vanhala
1986  (fr) P-119a.27 Sorsa/Heinonen
1986  (fr) P-119a.28 Hamalainen/Koivikko
1986  (fr) P-119a.29 Hamalainen/Vanhala
1986  (fr) P-119a.30 Hamalainen/Heinonen
1986  (fr) P-119a.31 Vanhala/Koivikko
1986  (fr) P-119a.32 Vanhala/Heinonen
1986  (fr) P-119a.33 Vanhala/Heinonen

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