1 Yen Arabic serial

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Issuer Japan
Issuing bank Bank of Japan
Emperor Taishō (1912-1926)
Type Standard banknote
Year 1916
Value 1 Yen
1 JPY = 0.0090 USD
Currency Yen (1871-date)
Composition Paper
Size 145 × 85 mm
Shape Rectangular
Number N# 208109
Numista (https://numista.com)
References P# 30,
Tracy L. Schmidt (editor); 2019. Standard Catalog of World Paper Money. Modern issues 1961-present (25th edition). Krause Publications, Iola, Wisconsin, USA.
And 2 more volumes.
JNDA# 11-37
Japan Numismatic Dealers Association (editor); 2020. 日本貨幣カタログ = The Catalog of Japanese Currency. Self-published, Tokyo, Japan.


Black on oragne underprint.
Portrait of Takenouchi no Sukune at right.

1 568535                   {303} 壹
   日        圓壹
   本     候可相壹銀へ引此 
   銀     也申渡圓貨尓か券
         也行  兌告日年
       造兌        造兌
     各刑變換券     各刑變換券
     本法造銀條兌    本法造銀條兌
    處條偽ニ行例換   處條偽ニ行例換
    断ニ造係券第銀   断ニ造係券第銀
    ス照紙係ノ十行    ス照紙係ノ十行
     シ幣ル偽二     シ幣ル偽二
壹 {303} テノ罪 條 1 |壹  テノ罪 條   568535 1
       ハ         ハ

Bank of Japan convertible silver note
One yen
Bank of Japan

This note can be exchanged for one yen in silver.
These are issued in compliance with the provisions of the Ordinance of the Grand Council of State No. 18 of May 6th, year 17 of Meiji (1884) on convertible banknotes.   First Minister Takenouchi

The crime of altering and reproducing a convertible banknote shall be dealt with in accordance with this article 12 of the Penal Code. (x2)
Empire of Japan Government Ministry of Finance Printing Bureau


Orange. 1 yen silver coin at left.


Promises to Pay the
Bearer on Demand
One Yen in Silver

Translation: One yen


Paulownia branch and cursive text "銀貨壹圓 - silver standard one yen"

1 Yen (Arabic serial) -  obverse

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Because the older issues were mixed with konjac flower to strengthen the material, insects and rodents often ate the banknotes. This modified note was issued to supplement against this issue.
The issue of this note ended officially in 1958 but circulation effectively stopped long before that. Today it is still accepted as a non-convertible note with the face value of 1 yen.
About 45 million notes of the older and newer versions were issued.

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Date VG F VF XF AU UNC Frequency
ND (1916)  6% P#30a - block # 1-200
ND (1916)  2% P#30b - block # 200-299
ND (1916)  $ 8.76 92% P#30c - block # 300-446

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