1 Pesseta 1st Issue


Issuer Andorra
Issuing entity General Council of the Valleys of Andorra
Co-prince Justí Guitart i Vilardebó (1920-1940)
Type Standard banknote
Year 1936
Value 1 Pesseta
Currency Peseta (1936)
Composition Paper
Size 90 × 71 mm
Shape Rectangular
Demonetized 31 December 1938
References P# 1,
Tracy L. Schmidt (editor); 2019. Standard Catalog of World Paper Money. Modern issues 1961-present (25th edition). Krause Publications, Iola, Wisconsin, United States.
And 2 more volumes.
Turró# AND-5
Antoni Turró i Martínez; 2007. Les Emissions Monetàries oficials de la Guerra Civil (1936-1939) / I: Andorra, Illes Balears i Catalunya (Generalitat I Locals) (1st Edition). Societat Catalana d’Estudis Numismàtics, Barcelona.


Blue lettering (text in catalan) and ornamental perimeter framing with Andorra coat of arms on upper center, all on violet background with lettering and coat of arms.

Script: Latin


General Council of the Valleys of Andorra
Valid for One Peseta
Issue agreed by the very illustrious General Council on December 19, 1936


Blue lettering with text of Decree number 112 authorizing the issue

Script: Latin

DÉCRET No 112 del Consell General de les Valls d'Andorra
I. - Es crea i es posa en circulatió vales moneda andorrà a l'objecte de facilitar les transaccions comercials dintre de les Valls d'Andorra.
II. - Els presents vales estan integrament garantits per bitllets del Banc Nacional d'Espanya i, sota la responsabilitat del M. I. Consell General de les Valls d'Andorra.
III. - Essent els Presents vales divisionaris dels bitllets del Banc d'Espanya de valor de vint-i-cinc pessetes i supériors, - s'enten els bitllets que's troban ja en circulatió en aquesta data - seguiran les mateixes fluctuacions que les suportades per els mencionats bitllets espanyols.
IV. - Tot vale brut, esmenat o estripat en forma que ofereixi dubte la seva autenticitat, se'l considerara nul.
V. - Els falsificadors dels presents vales serán castigats amb les maximes sancions aplicades pels Tribunals competents.
VI. - Aquets vales serán reintegrats el mès tard, el 31 desembre 1938.
ANDORRA la VELLA, 19 Desembre del 1936.

Decree No. 112 of the General Council of the Andorra Valleys
I. - Andorran currency vouchers are created and put into circulation with the aim of facilitating commercial transactions within the Andorran Valleys.
II. - These vouchers are fully guaranteed by notes from the National Bank of Spain and, under the responsibility of the "M.I. Consell General de les Valls d'Andorra".
III. - Being the present divisional vouchers of Bank of Spain notes of twenty-five pesetas and above, - notes that are already in circulation on this date are understood - they will follow the same fluctuations as those borne by the aforementioned Spanish banknotes.
IV. - Any dirty, altered or ripped-up voucher in a way that casts doubt on its authenticity will be considered null and void.
V. - Forgers of these vouchers will be punished with the maximum penalties applied by the competent Courts.
VI. - These vouchers will be refund no later than December 31, 1938.
Andorra la Vella, December 19, 1936.


In Andorra there were two official monetary systems, French Franc and Spanish Peseta, the latter much more widely used. Although Andorra did not participate in the Spanish Civil War, it suffered the same shortage of divisional currency, for which it was agreed by Decree 112 of December 19, 1936, a first issue of banknotes for a total amount of 50,000 Pesetas.
After the deterioration of this first issue, a second issue was approved in which the design and printed date of the first were maintained but were actually issued in December 1937, changing the color and text on the reverse and adding the 50 Centimos banknote. The total amount of this second issue was 75,000 Pesetas.

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Date No. printed VG F VF XF AU UNC
1936-Dec-19  10 000 1st Issue

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