Diamond production payment handwritten


Country Brazil
Ruling authority Mary I & Peter III (1777-1816)
Years 1790-1841
Value Various values
Currency Real (1654-1799)
Composition Paper
Size 205 × 150 mm
Shape Rectangular
Demonetized 1841


Black lithographic print on white paper.
In the center, at the top are a medallion of the Portuguese Crown Weapons.

 ??????? 2 ???? de 1791 São: 6 1/2

Ficão nesta Casa da Administração dos Diamantes seis oitavas e meia
de ouro do Raymundo de Araújo, que se pagarão, ou a quem este
apresentar. Tejuco, 18 de Mayo de 1792.

 ??????? 2 ???? of 1791 Are: 6 1/2

In this House of the Administration of Diamonds six and a half octaves
of Raymundo de Araújo, which will be paid, or to whom this
to present. Tejuco, 18 of May of 1792.


Blank, without printing.


Themes of this banknote
       Details contained in the ticket. Diamond Museum - Diamantina / MG.

Coat of Arms of Portugal (Maria I - The Pious, 1777-1816).

By the statute of August 2, 1771, under the tutelage of the General Administration of Diamonds, the government issued tickets, of variable value, with promise of payment in gold, of the diamonds collected. The colonial government, when it found itself without coins for diamond payments, issued vouchers backed by gold. Accepted by everyone as cash, these vouchers were paid when the House received coins from Lisbon. Circulation period: 1771 to ...
Issuing authority: Colonial Government Lisbon - House of the General Administration of Diamonds

These handwritten notes are very rare. Great care should be taken when purchasing a copy. A skill performed by person skill is adaptable

To know more... State of Brazil and Portuguese Real

Statute of August 2, 1771

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ND (1790-1841) 

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