1 Mil Réis Thesouro Nacional; Copper exchange note


Country Brazil
Emperor Peter II (1831-1889)
Type Standard banknote
Year 1833
Value 1000 Réis (1000.000)
Currency Real (1799-1942)
Composition Paper
Size 165 × 78 mm
Shape Rectangular
Demonetized Yes
References P# A151,
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AI Notes# R001
Cláudio Patrick Amato, Irlei Soares das Neves, Julio Ernesto Schütz; 2019. Cédulas do Brasil 1833 até 2019 (8th edition). Art Graph, Sao Paulo, Brasil. ISBN 9788562882302.


Black on white paper, in lithography.
On the left the Arms of the Empire topping the caption in reference to Law no. 52 of October 3, 1833.
The name of the Province and the ballot number must be handwritten.

1 1$000. HUM MIL REIS 1$000. HUM MIL REIS 1$000. 1
Nº ___ Rs. 1$000.
Imperio do Brasil
Esta cedula será recebida como moeda nas Esta-
ções Publicas desta Provincia d___ _____
_____________no valor de HUM MIL REIS.
Rs. 1$000.

1$000. One Thousand Réis
Empire of Brazil
This ballot will be received as currency at the Public Stations of this _____ Province in the amount of One Thousand Réis.


Blank, without printing.


Using detail from a 100$000 note to demonstrate the filigree (watermark) of the "ladder", nickname due to the appearance of steps on a ladder.

1 Mil Réis (Thesouro Nacional; Copper exchange note) -  obverse

© wilsonrvnunes


Themes of this banknote

Coat of Arms of the Empire of Brazil

In 1827, due to the large amount of counterfeit copper coins in circulation in the Province of Bahia, the Imperial Government ordered the issuance, by the newly created "National Treasury", of banknotes to collect these coins, thus avoiding a real financial debacle. These measures were extended to the other Provinces of the Empire in 1833, when the "National Treasury" printed in Rio de Janeiro, a total of 387,700 banknotes, whose numbering and name of the Province were written by hand, with an ink that contained tannic acid in its formulation that, as a rule, easily corrodes paper.
The first part of the bills was printed on plain paper, but to prevent counterfeiting, a filigree or watermark in the shape of a ladder was added.
Of all the Provinces, the most common is that of Ceará, but its characteristics are repeated, except for the degree of rarity, which is much greater for the other 17 Provinces.

Combating counterfeiting: Safety mark for cutting the note, made to match the checkbook (common to all copper exchange notes).

Law 52 of October 3, 1833

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Date No. printed VG F VF XF AU UNC
ND (1833)  300 P# A151a.01; 1 signature with watermark; Alagoas
ND (1833)  10,625 P# A151a.02; 1 signature with watermark; Bahia
ND (1833)  1,800 P# A151a.03; 1 signature with watermark; Ceará
ND (1833)  925 P# A151a.04; 1 signature with watermark; Espírito Santo
ND (1833)  1,300 P# A151a.05; 1 signature with watermark; Goiás
ND (1833)  7,650 P# A151a.06; 1 signature with watermark; Maranhão
ND (1833)  300 P# A151a.07; 1 signature with watermark; Mato Grosso
ND (1833)  8,000 P# A151a.08; 1 signature with watermark; Minas Gerais
ND (1833)  8,500 P# A151a.09; 1 signature with watermark; Pará
ND (1833)  800 P# A151a.10; 1 signature with watermark; Paraíba
ND (1833)  3,500 P# A151a.11; 1 signature with watermark; Pernanbuco
ND (1833)  300 P# A151a.12; 1 signature with watermark; Piauí
ND (1833)  1,050 P# A151a.13; 1 signature with watermark; Rio Grande do Norte
ND (1833)  3,750 P# A151a.14; 1 signature with watermark; Rio de Janeiro
ND (1833)  3,550 P# A151a.15; 1 signature with watermark; Santa Catarina
ND (1833)  7,500 P# A151a.16; 1 signature with watermark; São Paulo
ND (1833)  7,000 P# A151a.17; 1 signature with watermark; São Pedro
ND (1833)  525 P# A151a.18; 1 signature with watermark; Sergipe
ND (1833)  P# A151b.01; 2 signatures without watermark; Alagoas
ND (1833)  P# A151b.02; 2 signatures without watermark; Bahia
ND (1833)  P# A151b.03; 2 signatures without watermark; Ceará
ND (1833)  P# A151b.04; 2 signatures without watermark; Espírito Santo
ND (1833)  P# A151b.05; 2 signatures without watermark; Goiá
ND (1833)  P# A151b.06; 2 signatures without watermark; Maranhão
ND (1833)  P# A151b.07; 2 signatures without watermark; Mato Grosso
ND (1833)  P# A151b.08; 2 signatures without watermark; Minas Gerais
ND (1833)  P# A151b.09; 2 signatures without watermark; Pará
ND (1833)  P# A151b.10; 2 signatures without watermark; Paraíba
ND (1833)  P# A151b.11; 2 signatures without watermark; Pernambuco
ND (1833)  P# A151b.12; 2 signatures without watermark; Piauí
ND (1833)  P# A151b.13; 2 signatures without watermark; Rio Grande do Norte
ND (1833)  P# A151b.14; 2 signatures without watermark; Rio de Janeiro
ND (1833)  P# A151b.15; 2 signatures without watermark; Santa Catarina
ND (1833)  P# A151b.16; 2 signatures without watermark; São Paulo
ND (1833)  P# A151b.17; 2 signatures without watermark; São Pedro
ND (1833)  P# A151b.18; 2 signatures without watermark; Sergipe

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