5 Mark black on blue

5 Mark (black on blue) -  obverse5 Mark (black on blue) -  reverse

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Country City of Gera (Reuss-Schleiz) (Federal state of Reuss-Schleiz)
Type Local banknote
Year 1919
Value 5 Mark (5)
Currency Mark (notgeld, 1914-1924)
Composition Paper
Size 125 × 80 mm
Shape Rectangular
Demonetized 02-01-1919
Number N# 227932
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Black print on blue underprint.
Series letter and serial number in red at top, center.
Small embossed seal at bottom center.
Oak leaf border.

Gutschein der Haupt- u. Residenzstadt Gera
Fünf Mark

Der Stadtrat:
Der Gemeinderat:

Voucher of the Capital- and Residential- City of Gera

Five Marks
The City Council
The Community Council


Black print on blue underprint.
Image of Gera Town Hall at left.


Dieser Gut=
schein wird
zum 1. Febr.
1919 zur Ein=
ziehung und

Gutschein der Haupt- u. Residenzstadt Gera

5 Marks

This voucher will be recalled for collection and redemption by the 1st of Feb. 1919 at the latest.

Voucher of the Capital- and Residential- City of Gera


Issued with serial numbers in varying series

The date-of-issue is not printed on this note.  Feb 01, 1919 is the note's expiration date.
The related 100-Mark note (a re-valued version of  the 'blue print-on-blue underprint' 5-Mark note) has a date-of-issue printed on the obverse.  This appears as part of the revaluation stamp applied to the original note.
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Date VG F VF XF AU UNC Frequency
ND  100% Series A
1919-Feb-1  25% without Series

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