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20 Cash Zhongtong Yuanbao Jiaochao


Country China - Empire
Emperor Kublai Khan (Shizu) (1271-1294, Yuan dynasty)
Type Standard banknote
Years 1260-1350
Value 20 Cash (20)
Currency Cash (621-1912)
Composition Paper (mulberry bark)
Shape Rectangular
Demonetized Yes


No surviving examples are known.

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In the year 1260, Kublai Khan established two currencies: the first backed by silk, and the second backed by silver. The first, issued in July, was unsuccess; the second, issued in October, was very successful. Using the lessons learned from the failure of the Jin dynasty currency, the Yuan dynasty put in several measurement to ensure stability:
1) No limit on region or time;
2) Old paper monet was forbidden, but could be exchanged;
3) All taxes were required to be paid in by using banknotes;
4) Silver reserves were held to ensure free conversion between paper and silver; and
5) Banknotes could be used only in commercial transactions.

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ND (1260-1350) 

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