½ Guldiner - Sigismund Hall


Country County of Tyrol
(Austrian states)
Type Standard circulation coin
Year 1484
Value 1/2 Guldiner (1/2)
Metal Silver (.937)
Weight 15.8 g
Shape Round
Demonetized yes
References MT# 59-60
Die Münzstätte Hall in Tirol
by Heinz Moser, Heinz Tursky


Crowned bust with armour and sceptre in an inner circle.



Armored knight on horseback facing right, carrying banner, above the date. Arms of Austrian provinces around.


Designed by Wolgang Peck (MT#59, sceptre pointing to T, larger date, ribbon behind knight's helm) or Wenzel Kröndl, MT#60, our image, sceptre to I, no ribbon.

This coinage is the first big silver coin ever. It was the precursor to the first time in 1486 stamped Talers, who got their name but not until the beginning of the 16th century from coins minted in the Bohemian Joachimstal. Before 1484, Sigismund had gold florins made in large numbers to meet the increasing demand for a higher quality nominal. Since Tyrol had no own gold reserves, the gold minting was hardly worthwhile. On the other hand, the silver yield in Schwaz was extraordinarily large. This is how the idea of embossing large silver coins came into being. This coinage is thus a key piece of European monetary history. Info from Künker Auctions.

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½ Guldiner - Sigismund (Hall)