1 Thaler - Joseph II Regency


Country Austria - Habsburg
Ruling authority Joseph II (Regency) (1765-1780)
Type Standard circulation coin
Years 1765-1777
Value 1 Thaler (2)
Currency Austro-Hungarian gulden (1754-1857)
Composition Silver
Shape Round
Demonetized Yes
References KM# 2074,
Standard Catalog of World Coins
by George S. Cuhaj
(Krause Publications)
Her# 73-77,
Österreichische Münzprägungen
by Ludwig Herinek
Her# 80-83,
Österreichische Münzprägungen
by Ludwig Herinek
Her# 92-111
Österreichische Münzprägungen
by Ludwig Herinek


Laureate portrait facing right with no iner circle, legend (starts 1h) for "Dei Gratia Romanorum Imperator Semper Augustus Corregens & Hereditarius Regnorum Hungariae Bohemiae etc". Mint letter below bust (F Hall, A Vienna, C Prag, H Günzburg-Burgau).

Lettering: IOSEPH II D G R I S A // COR & HER R H B &c


Crowned imperial eagle with arms, mint marks divided by the tail, legend starts 1h.

Lettering: ARCH AUST D BURG // LOTH M D HET date X


KM#2074.1 minted in Vienna, KM#2074.2 for others.

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Year Mintage G VG F VF XF AU UNC
1765 A (fr) km#2074.1
1765 F A-S
1765 F A-s
1765 F S
1766 A (fr) km#2074.1
1766 A IC-SK (fr) km#2074.1
1766 F
1766 F A-S
1766 H S-C
1767 A IC-SK (fr) km#2074.1
1767 F a-s
1767 F A-S
1767 F S
1767 H S-C
1768 H S-C
1769 A ICSK (fr) km#2074.1
1769 H S-C
1770 A ICSK (fr) km#2074.1
1770 C EvS-AS
1771 A ICSK (fr) km#2074.1
1771 C EvS-AS
1771 F A-S
1771 H S-C
1772 A ICSK (fr) km#2074.1
1772 C EvS-AS (fr) pas dans KM
1773 C EvS-AS
1774 C EvS-IK
1775 C EvS-IK
1775 F VC-S
1776 F VC-S
1777 F VC-S

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1 Thaler - Joseph II (Regency)