2 Shillings - George VI 2 Shillings, IMPERATOR


Country South Africa
King George VI (1936-1952)
Type Standard circulation coin
Years 1937-1947
Value 2 Shillings = 1/10 Pound (0.1)
Currency Pound (1825-1961)
Composition Silver (.800)
Weight 11.31 g
Diameter 28.7 mm
Thickness 2.32 mm
Shape Round
Orientation Medal alignment ↑↑
Demonetized 03-31-1961
References KM# 29,
Standard Catalog of World Coins
by George S. Cuhaj
(Krause Publications)
Hern# S250-260
Hern's Handbook on South African Coins and Patterns
by Brian Hern
(JD Numismatic Corporation)


Kong George VI bare head left


Translation: George the Sixth King Emperor

Engraver: Thomas Humphrey Paget

Thomas Humphrey Paget OBE was an English medal and coin designer and modeller. Paget's designs are indicated by the initials 'HP'. Paget was first approached by the Royal Mint in 1936 after the accession of King Edward VIII. Paget's recommendation had come via his earlier design for the obverse of a medal featuring the then-Prince of Wales.


Quartered shield divides date, legend around, denomination below

19 37

Engraver: George Kruger Gray

George Kruger Gray was an English artist, best remembered for his designs of coinage and stained glass windows.



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Year Mintage G VG F VF XF AU UNC Frequency
1937  1,495,000 15% Hern#S250
1937  116 0.5% Hern#S250; Proof
1938  214,000 4% Hern#S251
1938  44 0.3% Hern#S251; Proof
1939  279,000 6% Hern#S252
1939  30 0.3% Hern#S252; Proof
1940  2,600,000 7.13 28% Hern#S253
1941  1,764,000 7.38 24% Hern#S254
1942  2,847,000 5.18 29% Hern#S255
1943  3,125,000 6.58 29% Hern#S256
1943  104 0.3% Hern#S256; Proof
1944  225,000 7% Hern#S257
1945  473,000 7% Hern#S258
1945  150 0.3% Hern#S258; Proof
1946  14,000 3% Hern#S259
1946  150 0.3% Hern#S259; Proof
1947  2,892 3% Hern#S260
1947  2,600 1.8% Hern#S260; Proof

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