Tetradrachm - Vermina


Issuer Numidia
King Vermina (203 BC - 202 BC)
Type Standard circulation coin
Years 203 BC - 202 BC
Currency Western Numidia under the Masaesyli (cca. 300 BC-203 BC)
Composition Silver
Weight 14.53 g
Diameter 26 mm
Shape Round (irregular)
Technique Hammered
Orientation Medal alignment ↑↑
Demonetized Yes
Number N# 110832
Numista type number (https://en.numista.com/help/what-is-the-n-number-visible-in-the-catalogue-33.html)


Beardless bust of Vermina right, wearing diadem, draped; below chin, a mark.


Free horse galloping left; below, framed punic lettering.

Lettering: ורמנד הממלכת

Translation: Urmnd Hammamleket (King Vermina)




Vermina, son of King Syphax, was himself king of the Massaessyles who occupied Western Numidia, whose capital Siga is the place of discovery of a number of coins of the two sovereigns.

At that time, Western Numidia was not yet a Moorish kingdom, and had common borders with Mauretania Tingitana following the Tafna stem, crossing the current Tlemcen wilaya. The Moors did not enter Western Numidia until around 105 BC when Bocchus Ist handed over to the Romans his son-in-law Jugurtha, son of Mastanabal and adoptive son of Micipsa; almost 100 years after the reign of Vermina.

The limited information currently available about Vermina makes the dating of this currency complex. The strike could be placed between 203 BC, with its accession to the throne, and probably a date around 160 BC.

This type has been struck by an uncertain mint, which could eventually be Siga.

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ND (203 BC - 202 BC) 

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