Bronze Æ17


Issuer Arpi (Apulia)
Type Standard circulation coin
Years 325 BC - 275 BC
Value Unknown AE
Currency Apulia
Composition Copper
Weight 8 g
Diameter 17 mm
Thickness 4 mm
Shape Round
Technique Hammered
Demonetized Yes
Number N# 111598
Numista type number (
References GCV# 569
David R. Sear; 2004. Greek Coins and Their Values / Volume 1. Europe. Seaby, London, United Kingdom.
And 1 more volumes.


Head of Zeus facing left laureate.


Kalydonian boar advancing to right, spear above (but hard to see). Legend in exergue.

Lettering: ΑΡΠΑΝΟΝ

Translation: (coin) of Arpi


The city of Arpi was of great significance from pre-historic times until damaged in the Second Punic War followed by the spread of Malaria. It issued coins in the Greek style in both silver and copper. This coin features a profile head of the Greek god Zeus and an image of the Calydonian (Kalydonian) Boar, a monster in Greek mythology killed after being hunted by Olympian heroes. Calydon was situated in western Greece, north of the Gulf of Patras. The boar was released by the goddess Artemis as a punishment after her name was omitted from the annual sacrifices by King Oeneus. It destroyed the countryside until the best hunters in Greece were sent for.

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ND (325 BC - 275 BC) 

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