1 Pound, 17 Shillings & 6 Pence 1800 Proclamation coin - Indian Mohur


Country Australia - Colonial
Type Standard circulation coin
Years 1793-1819
Value 1 Pound, 17 Shillings & 6 Pence (45/24)
Currency Pound sterling (1788-1929)
Composition Gold (.996)
Weight 12.36 g
Diameter 26 mm
Shape Round
Demonetized 1829


Persian inscription, couplet

Translation: Shah Alam II Badshah


Persian-julus (formula), mint name


Oblique milling


Coin is identical to In 1800 the then-Governor of New South Wales, Philip Gidley King issued a proclamation that ten specific British, Netherlands, Indian, Portuguese and Spanish coins were to be brought into the colony and given inflated denominations than what was indicated on the coins so that they would say in circulation in the colony. This page should be used only by collectors who are sure their coins are covered by this proclamation and have reputable provenance and therefore can be considered eligible for inclusion in this Australian Numista listings.

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Year Mintage G VG F VF XF AU UNC
ND (1793-1795)  Murshidabad
ND (1793-1795)  Patna
ND (1793-1819)  Calcutta
ND (1793-1819)  Dacca

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1 Pound, 17 Shillings & 6 Pence (1800 Proclamation coin - Indian Mohur)