1 Cash - De Yi Shi Shiming


Country China - Empire
Emperor Shi Shiming (758-761)
Type Standard circulation coin
Years 758-759
Value 1 Cash (0.001)
Metal Bronze
Weight 19.25 g
Diameter 37 mm
Shape Round with square hole
Demonetized yes
References FD# 750, Hartill# 14.141, Schjoth# 407
Fisher's Ding
by Fubao Ding
(George A. Fisher)
Cast Chinese Coins
by David Hartill
(Trafford Publishing)
Chinese Currency
by Fredrik Schjöth
(Andrew Publishing Co.)


Chinese ideograms clockwise:
- 得壹: De yi, meaning "achieve unity"
- 元寶: Yuan bao, meaning "currency"

寶 壹

De Yi Yuan Bao:
"Currency to achieve Unity".


Crescent above squared hole.


This coin was minted at Luoyang by Shi Shiming, one of the rebels who forced the Emperor Suzong to flee to Sichuan. Shi Shiming issued coins from 758 to 761 when he was killed.
It is assumed this coin is dated 758-759 as starting from 759 the obverse inscription De Yi was replaced by Shun Tian (era name).

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Year Mintage G VG F VF XF AU UNC
ND (758-759) 

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1 Cash - De Yi (Shi Shiming)