10 Corona - Franz Joseph I patterns


Country Austria - Habsburg
Emperor Franz Joseph (1848-1916)
Type Pattern
Years 1892-1893
Value 10 Corona (10)
Currency Austro-Hungarian krone (1892-1918)
Composition Gold (.900)
Weight 3.39 g
Diameter 19 mm
Shape Round
Demonetized Yes
References KM# 2805,
Standard Catalog of World Coins
by George S. Cuhaj
(Krause Publications)
Her# 380-381
Österreichische Münzprägungen
by Ludwig Herinek


Laureate aged portrait facing right.



Imperial eagle with arms of Habsburg-Lorraine, value and date in roman above, value and date in numbers below.

10 1892 COR.


Inscripted design or reeded

10 Corona - Franz Joseph I (patterns) -  obverse

© Image courtesy of Macho & Chlapovič a.s.


As a result of the monetary reform, new denominations of both silver and gold coins have been minted in Vienna and Kremnica since 1892. The iconography of Vienna and Kremnitz strikes differed in the spirit of Austro-Hungarian dualism. Golden coins were minted in the denominations of 10 Corona, 20 Corona and later also 100 Corona. Reflecting the large minting volume of the Austrian 20 Coronas and the Hungarian 10 and 20 Coronas, it was not necessary in the first years after the monetary reform to mint Austrian 10 Coronas in Vienna.
Only a few types of patterns differing in the coin edge were minted. Edge design was technically challenging due to the small thickness of the flan, and the Vienna Mint tested some technical solutions. Their aim was to distinguish austrian and hungarian 10 Coronas, as they did with the 20 Coronas.
In 1892, a small amount of 10 Coronas with a reeded edge were minted, same as on the older Hungarian 4 Guldens and, alternatively, a edge with a crown decoration. The next pattern series were minted in the following year - with a crown decoration at the edge  and alternately with a scepter and a star used on the Hungarian 10 Coronas. In the following years, the 10 Coronas were not minted in Vienna. Mintage of 10 Coronas started in 1896 and the edge of the coin remained the same as the Hungarian 10 Coronas minted in Kremnitz - edge with a crown and a scepter decoration.

info from Macho & Chlapovič

Extremely rare to unique, values 50 000 to 100 000 €.

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10 Corona - Franz Joseph I (patterns)