Akçe - al-Mansur Ahmad

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Issuer Artuqids of Mardin (Artuqid dynasty)
Type Standard circulation coin
Year 748 (1348-1367)
Calendar Islamic (Hijri)
Value AR Akçe (1)
Currency Akçe (1326-1409)
Composition Silver
Weight 1.36 g
Diameter 18 mm
Shape Round
Technique Hammered
Demonetized Yes
Number N# 152471
Numista type number (https://numista.com)
References A# 1842.2
Stephen Album; 2011. A Checklist of Islamic Coins (3rd edition). Self-published, Santa Rosa, California, United States.


Titulature of the sovereign in a double hexalobe inscribed in a circle.
Inside the lobe, the name of the workshop followed by the year in words; a ring on the outside of each lobe, a globule between each.
Presence of a gnat.

[...] السلطان
الملك المنصور
خلد الله ملكه

[...] ضرب أمد

Al-Sultan [...]
Al Malik Al-Muzaffar
Khallada Allah mulkahu:
"The Sultan [...], the ruler al-Mansur [Ahmad], may God perpetuate his kingdom."

Duriba bi Mardin [...]:
"Struck Mardin...


Beginning of the first kalima of Islam written on two lines in a circle adorned with globules; the continuation of the kalima continuing on the periphery in each field of a projecting quadrilobe inscribed in a circle.
Name of the first four caliphs written between each lobe; presence of a girdle and an infinite knot in the center.

لا اله الا

محمد |الامين | لسول | الله

إبو بكير | عمر | عثمان | علي

La ilaha illa
Mohammed al amin rasul Allah:
"There are no gods but Allah, Muhammad is trustworthy, He is the messenger of Allah."

Ebu Bekir | Ömer | Osman | Ali:
"The Caliphs" Abu Bakr [As-Siddiq], Omar [ibn al-Khattab], Othman [ibn Affan], Ali [ibn Abi Talib] ".

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748 (1348)  (fr) Var a)
748 (1348)  (fr) Var b)
ND (1363-1367)  765-769 AH

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