Kopeck - Pyotr I


Country Russia - Empire
Tsar Peter I the Great (1682-1725)
Type Standard circulation coin
Year 1701
Value 1 Kopeck (0.01)
Currency Rouble (1535-1700)
Composition Silver
Weight 0.28 g
Shape Irregular
Demonetized Yes
References KG# 1667
Vladimir Nikolaevič Kleščinov, Igor Valerievič Grišin; 2007. Каталог русских средневековых монет : с правления Ивана IV Васильевича до шведской оккупации Новгорода (1533-1617 гг.) = Catalogue of Medieval Coins of Russia : From the reign of Tzar Ivan IV Vasiljevich Until the Swedish Occupation of Novgorod, (AD 1533-1617). Lenand, Moscow, Russia. ISBN 9785971002420.


A horseman with a spear (depicts the Tsar) on a galloping horse, right.
The letters under the feet of the rider.

Lettering: ЯΨЯ

Translation: 1701


Cyrillic inscription.
Legend "Царь и Великий Князь Петр Алексеевич всея России".

Translation: Tsar and Grand Prince Pyotr Alexeyevich of all Rus


Averse stamp № 18; reverse stamp № 15.

© Image courtesy of Anumis

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1701  ЯΨЯ; Old Mint, Moscow

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