8 Gani - Muhammad bin Tughluq

8 Gani - Muhammad bin Tughluq - obverse8 Gani - Muhammad bin Tughluq - reverse



Issuer Sultanate of Delhi (Indian Sultanates)
Sultan Muhammad bin Tughluq (1325-1351)
Type Standard circulation coin
Years 1329-1331
Value 8 Gani (1⁄1)
Currency Tanka (1206-1526)
Composition Copper
Weight 3.42 g
Diameter 14 mm
Thickness 3 mm
Shape Round (irregular, 32 rati)
Technique Hammered (Wight varies 3.4-3.7g)
Orientation Variable alignment ↺
Demonetized Yes
References DR# 421,
Dillip Rajgor; 1991. Standard catalogue of Sultanate coins of India. Amrapali Publications, Bombay, India.
Val CCI# 272,
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And 1 more volumes.
GG# D421
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Series: Forced currency token - 80 rati


Legend: 'Muhammad Tughlaq'

Script: Arabic


Legend: Adl, Hast (8), Gani

Script: Arabic




Muhammad bin Tughluq (1290 – 20 March 1351), also named Jauna Khan as Crown Prince,[2] was the eighteenth Sultan of Delhi. He reigned from February 1325 until his death in 1351. Accounts describe him as an "inhuman eccentric" with bizarre character. He is also known for his wild policy swings. including shifting of the capital from Dehli to Daulatabad in 1327 CE and returning it to Dehli in 1335 CE.

The coinage of Muhammad Bin Tughluq is the most complex and innovative of the entire Dehli series, struck at the largest number of mints. The coinage can be divided into 5 classes:
  • struck in memory of his father and quoting his name only
  • struck in his own name, normal issues
  • struck in his own name, token issues (as with this coin)
  • struck in the names of 'Abbasid caliphs
  • joint issues with the Sultans of Bengal

Forced token issues
Tughluq's experiment with copper and brass token coinage took place between AH730 - 732. The basic unit was Tanka of 80 rati. There were half and quarter Tankas, and various Gani issues, but they did not bear any relationship to the weight of the Tanka.

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ND (1329-1331)  AH 730-732

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