Bronze Æ13


Issuer Istros (Moesia)
Type Standard circulation coin
Years 120 BC - 100 AD
Value Unknown Æ
Currency Drachm
Composition Bronze
Weight 1.79 g
Diameter 13 mm
Shape Round
Technique Hammered
Orientation Variable alignment ↺
Demonetized Yes
Number N# 194491
Numista type number (
References AMNG I-I# 465,
Behrendt Pick, Friedrich Imhoof-Blumer (editor); 1898. Die antiken Münzen Nord-Griechenlands / Band 1.1. Die antiken Münzen Dacien und Moesien. Georg Reimer, Berlin, Germany.
HGCS# 3.2, 1821,
Oliver D. Hoover; 2018. The Handbook of Greek Coinage Series / Volume 1. Handbook of Coins of Italy and Magna Graecia : Sixth to First Centuries BC. Classical Numismatic Group, Lancaster, Pennsylvania - London, United Kingdom.
And 10 more volumes.
Moush'12# 152
Nikola Anastasov Moushmov; 1912. Античните монети на Балканския полуостров и монетите на българските царе = Ancient Coins of the Balkan Peninsula and the Coins of the Bulgarian Monarchs. Printing house of Grigor Iv. Gavazov, Sofia, Bulgaria.


Radiate facing head of Helios.


Sea-eagle to left, with wings raised, clutching dolphin in its talons; legend above.

Lettering: ΙΣΤΡΙ

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ND (120 BC - 100 AD) 

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