Country Nuceria Alfaterna (Campania)
Type Standard circulation coin
Years 250 BC - 225 BC
Value Didrachm (2)
Currency Drachm
Composition Silver
Weight 7.15 g
Diameter 19 mm
Shape Round
Orientation Variable alignment ↺
Demonetized Yes
Number N# 195395
Numista (https://numista.com)
References SNG Mun 1# 388,
Peter Robert Franke, Harald Küthmann; 1968. Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum, Deutschland / Heft 1. Hispania - Gallia Narbonensis : Staatliche Münzsammlung München. Gebr. Mann Verlag, Berlin, Germany.
SNG Cop# 566,
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And 43 more volumes.
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SambonArt# 1008
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Head of Apollo Karneios left with horn of Ammon, Oscan legend 'nukrinum alafaternum' around.



Dioskouros standing facing, head turned to left, beside his horse, holding the reins and a thyrsos.


The piece in the main image (7.15g, 19mm, 10h; Very Fine):
◦ Auctioned by Roma Numismatics Ltd, Auction XVII, 28 March 2019, Lot 278. Sold for 1,300 GBP.
◦ Auctioned by Roma Numismatics Ltd., Auction III, 31 March 2012, lot 6;
◦ Auctioned by Gorny & Mosch Giessener Münzhandlung, Auction 199, 10 October 2011, lot 19. Sold for 1,400 EUR.

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ND (250 BC - 225 BC) 

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