Tetradrachm - Agathokles


Issuer Syracuse (Sicily)
Tyrant Agathocles (317 BC - 304 BC)
Type Standard circulation coin
Years 310 BC - 305 BC
Value Tetradrachm = 4 Drachm (4)
Currency Litra
Composition Silver
Weight 17.24 g
Diameter 26 mm
Shape Round
Orientation Variable alignment ↺
Demonetized Yes
Number N# 196278
Numista (https://numista.com)
References SNG ANS 1# 664,
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Head of Kore right, wearing earring, necklace and wreath of grain ears.

Lettering: ΚΟΡΑΣ


Nike standing right, wearing drapery that falls to waist, erecting trophy to right; AI monogram to lower left, triskeles to right, ΑΓΑΘΟΚΛΕΟΣ in exergue.



Syracuse, Italy


Ierardi 95 (O19/R61); Gulbenkian 336.

The coin in the main image (17.24g, 26mm, 11h. Extremely Fine, toned):
◦ Auctioned by Roma Numismatics Ltd, Auction XVII, 28 March 2019, Lot 367. Sold for 4,000 GBP;
◦ Auctioned by Baldwin's - Markov - M&M - Goldberg, The New York Sale XL, 11 January 2017, lot 1024;
◦ Auctioned by Alfred Franklin Collection, Baldwin's Auctions Ltd., Auction 99, 4 May 2016, lot 84;
◦ Auctioned by Spink & Son Ltd, Numismatic Circular volume CXI no.5, October 2003, item GK1016.

After the usurpation of Agathokles (317 BC), Syracuse became the sole city minting coinage in Sicily. Agathokles is often depicted as a cruel tyrant, and achieved little of lasting historical importance. After his death, a period of anarchy followed, and a damnatio memoriae was decreed in his name. Nevertheless, his patronage of the arts left a legacy of beauty as embodied by a small number of surviving works of art, including some stunning coins. His reign marked a brisk transition from the conservative late-classicism to early-Hellenistic period, as reflected by the designs of these coins.

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ND (310 BC - 305 BC) 

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Picture 1 of a sold Tetradrachm - Agathokles
Nomos AG
Auction 21
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Internet Archive
Nov 21, 2020 XF 17 032.90 USD
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Picture 1 of a sold Tetradrachm - AgathoklesPicture 1 of a sold Tetradrachm - AgathoklesPicture 1 of a sold Tetradrachm - Agathokles
Triton XXIV
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Jan 19, 2021 VF 5 000.00 USD

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