Shekel - Hasdrubal the Fair


Issuer Ákra Leuká (Punic Iberia)
Governor Hasdrubal the Fair (228 BC - 221 BC)
Type Standard circulation coin
Years 229 BC - 228 BC
Value 1 Shekel = 2 Drachm (1)
Currency Hispania - Drachm
Composition Silver
Weight 7.19 g
Diameter 22 mm
Shape Round
Demonetized Yes
Number N# 197637
Numista (


Diademed head of Eshmun-Adonis left.


Horse standing right.


Only three specimens recorded by Villaronga.

L. Villaronga, Las monedas hispano-cartaginesas, Barcelona 1973, Class IV, 60 (same dies); ACIP 557 (same dies); AB 490 (Cartagonova).

MHC 57; ACIP 555; CNH pg. 65, 15; Robinson, Punic 6(d); SNG BM Spain 99.

In 237 BC, Hamilcar Barca, after having lost the First Punic War against Rome, but having won the Mercenary War against the Libyans, disembarked at Gadir with a Carthaginian expedition with the purpose of re-establishing Carthaginian authority in Iberia (Polybios, Histories, 2.1.6). Within 9 years, he had expanded the territory of Carthage well into the Iberian peninsula, securing control of the southern mining district of Baetica and Sierra Morena, before dying in battle in 228. Hamilcar was succeeded by his son-in-law Hasdrubal the Fair who expanded the new province by skilful diplomacy and consolidated it with the foundation of Akra Leuka (Greek: White Mountain or White Point, modern Alicante), Mahon and finally in 227, Qart Hadasht (= New Carthage = Latin: Carthago Nova, modern Cartagena), originally named Mastia, as his capital.

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ND (229 BC - 228 BC) 

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