1 Drachm - Sashro Khusru I imitation; Chaghaniyan; countermark


Issuer Principality of Chaghaniyan (Northern Tokharistan)
Type Standard circulation coin
Years 601-750
Value 1 Drachm (1)
Composition Silver
Weight 2.74 g
Diameter 26 mm
Shape Round
Demonetized Yes
Number N# 199657
Numista type number (https://numista.com)
References Rtv# 45
E. V. Rtveladze; 1987. Древние монеты Средней Азии = The Ancient Coins of Central Asia. Gafur Gulyam, Tashkent, Uzbekistan.


Crowned bust facing right surrounded by three identical countermarks of a right-facing bust, all with an additional countermark of Bactrian legend in field.

Lettering: σαÞρο χδηο

Translation: Sashro Khudat


Fire altar with attendants on either side.




The prototype is a Sasanian drachm of Khusru I (531-579).

Many sources say the ruler's name is Sashro Xidev, with χδηο being Xidev; however, some countermarked coins of Northern Tokharistan have countermarks of only the name χδηο, which tend to be read as Khodo. There is also an opinion that the χδηο is the ruler's title, which may be Khudat because the rulers of Chaghaniyan had that title.

Dokumente 285.

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ND (601-750) 

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