Cistophorus - Hadrianus COS III; Aezani


Issuer Aezani (Conventus of Sardis)
Emperor Hadrian (Publius Aelius Hadrianus) (117-138)
Type Standard circulation coin
Years 128-130
Value Cistophorus (4)
Currency Drachm
Composition Silver (.900)
Weight 9.27 g
Diameter 27 mm
Shape Round (irregular)
Technique Hammered
Orientation Coin alignment ↑↓
Demonetized Yes
References RPC Online III# 1391,
Roman Provincial Coinage (
RIC II# 497,
Harold Mattingly, Edward Allen Sydenham, Ian Carradice, Theodore Vern Buttrey; 1926. The Roman Imperial Coinage / Volume 2. Vespasian to Hadrian (AD 96 –138). Spink & Son, London, United Kingdom.
Cohen# 275
Henry Cohen, Georges Depeyrot; 1995. Description historique des monnaies frappées sous l'Empire Romain, communément appelées Médailles impériales / Tome 1. de Pompée à Domitien (67 avant J.-C. à 96 après J.-C.) (2nd edition). Maison Florange, Paris, France.
And 7 more volumes.


Draped and cuirassed head of Hadrianus bare headed to right.

Script: Latin



Jupiter standing left, holding an eagle in right hand and a scepter in left hand.

Script: Latin

Lettering: COS III


GrossAutomatically translated


Aezanis / Aizanoi, Phrygia, Turkey


This example belongs to a new corner combination. In his corpus, Metcalf listed thirteen examples for this city, eleven of which were overprinted with eleven right-hand and twelve reverse corners.
The cistophoric coinage created by the kings of Pergamum endured under Roman rule. Sporadically minted since the death of Nero, Hadrian's trip to Asia Minor encouraged the resumption of this coinage. Hadrian, himself a great initiate, visited Ephesus, one of the most important centers of Hellenistic culture. The cistophore, which corresponded to four drachmas in the Pergamon system, had the equivalent value of three denarii. W. Metcalf has identified a total of four examples of this cistophore, with two right-hand corners and three reverse corners.

CGBAutomatically translated

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ND (128-130)  mint of Asia (Phrygia)

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